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Calculated at checkout
Expected release date is 31st Jul 2018

Please note this date is a rough estimate provided by the supplier, and it can CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

We will do our best to update this date, but please understand it is beyond our control.

Customer may choose to cancel the order if the product misses the original expected release date, but the down payment WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Product Description

From one of the top 1/6 studios in Asia, Black 13 Park 2017 Annual Release - Fujita-Kun and You Ko’s Otaku Fantasy War 1/6 Scale Action Figures

This series is of special meaning that it is BLACK 13 PARK’s first attempt at full body 1/6 scale female robot, which also has secret connection to the Shark Brother series.

B13 is going to invest the whole year of 2017 in R&D and production just for these two figures. No more new product is planned for the rest of the year.

The two figures will be packed separately in boxes of different style. Fujita-Kun will be released in Q4 2017, while You Ko in Q1 2018.

The style of this series draws concepts from urban warfare and Japanese Otaku culture, heavily inspired by classic anime/manga/game such as “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”, “Ghost in The Shell” and “I Am a Hero”. By creating these figures, B13 hopes to pay homage to all those amazing anime/manga/game that we all grew up with.

In addition to a standard head sculpt, Fujita-Kun also comes with two Akita Inu dog heads with different expression.

You Ko comes with a head with normal expression and a second one with armor-open rage face.

First Edition Special Gift:
1. Smiling Akita Inu dog head for Fujita-Kun
2. Open hands for You Ko
3. Special head sculpt for the upcoming B13 Black Lab series 5th anniversary edition

Highly limited to 399 units each world wide.

Background story:

Fujita-Kun was a typical Otaku, obsessed with models, video games, weapons and anime girls. He would spend a whole day either sitting at home or visiting Akihabara with friends. His biggest pleasure in life was to indulge himself in his fantasy world, where he imagined the outbreak of a war that will threaten the world, and he will be the hero to save the day with powerful weapons developed by him.

In Fujita-Kun’s fantasy world, a robot girl named You Ko fights alongside with him. She is built by Fujita and has high level of artificial intelligence. You Ko has the face and body of an anime girl, but packed with superior fire power. She is Fujita-Kun’s most reliable battle mate, also supports him emotionally.

One day the Shark Brothers showed up and told Fujita-Kun a huge secret – his fantasy is not fantasy at all! He thought everything only exists in his mind, but it turns out they are all real.

Fujita-Kun used to work for the same mercenary organization that hired the Shark Brothers. His specialty was weapon and equipment development, he was also a sharp shooter. Unknown to Fujita-Kun, the mercenary company secretly injected the gene modification serum into his body. However, the serum caused serious side effect – Fujita-Kun lost his memory as a weapon specialist, only returned home to live the simple life as a day dreaming Otaku.

The source of the gene modification serum Fujita-Kun received – the legendary gunslinger Billy the Kid from the Wild Wild West!

After learning about his true identity, Fujita-Kun decided to join the Shark Brothers to seek revenge against the mercenary organization and look for other people who had also received the gene modification injection. As a companion, he brought with him his newly finished robot girl - You Ko, fully charged.

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