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Expected release date is 31st Jul 2018

Please note this date is a rough estimate provided by the supplier, and it can CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

We will do our best to update this date, but please understand it is beyond our control.

Customer may choose to cancel the order if the product misses the original expected release date, but the down payment WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Product Description

A compatible highly stylized Oni Island diorama base is sold separately.

From OuZhiXiang (known for Monster Files series), one of the most famous heroes in Japanese folklore is brought to life in 1/6 form.

In ancient Japan, Momotaro, translated as Pearch Taro or Peach Boy, came to the world in a giant peach floating down a river. A childless old woman found the peach while washing clothes by the river. She brought the peach home and her husband cut open the fruit, inside which they found a crying baby boy! So they named him Peach Taro (Taro is a common name given to the eldest son of a family).

Years later, Momotaro grew up to be a brave young man. At the same time, a band of monsters (Oni) coming from a distant demon island (Onigashima) across the ocean was terrorizing the village with endless looting and destroying. Momotaro decided to take on these monsters, but no one else in the village dared to join him. Before his departure, grandpa handed him two swords and grandma gave him some sticky rice balls.

During Momotaro’s journey to the demon island, he met a dog, a monkey and a pheasant, and saved them from hunger by giving away his only food – the rice balls. These animals then volunteered to join his adventure.

Momotaro and his friends finally got on the island and encountered an army of monsters. Amazingly, the dog, the monkey and the pheasant transformed into fearless samurais and helped Momotaro beat the monsters into surrendering. Momotaro then returned home with the huge amount of treasure recovered from the demon island, and of course, lived happily ever after.

In Japan, this story (and its variants) has been passed down for generations, and Momotaro has become an ideal model for young kids for his kind-heartedness, bravery, power, and care for his parents. Momotaro’s story has been adapted into anime, movies, games, novels and many other pop culture media.

This story was first introduced to the western world in 1885 in an English collection of Japanese fairy tale published by Hasegawa Takejiro.

The Momotaro 1/6 scale action figure set is designed to strike a balance between the image of a colorful folklore hero and a traditional samurai warrior, with rich color and abundant accessories. Everything is then carefully crafted and tailored to the highest level. Highly limited to 299 sets worldwide.

Parts list:

  • Four head sculptures:
    • 1. Momotaro
    • 2. Dog
    • 3. Monkey
    • 4. Pheasant
  • Body x1
  • Hands x6
  • Scarf x1
  • Underwear x1
  • Kosode Coat x1
  • Haori Outer Coat x1
  • Pants x1
  • Arm Wrap x1 pair
  • Leggings x1 pair
  • Cloth Belt x1
  • Straw Belt x1
  • Kusazuri armor x1
  • Shoes x1 pair
  • Katana Sword x1
  • Wakizashi Sword x1
  • Yari Pike x1
  • Tekko-Kagi Iron Claw x1 pair
  • Pouch x1
  • Sticky Rice Ball x3

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