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This item is currently out of stock. However, we may be able to get more from our supplier. Please contact us and ask about it.

Expected release date is 31st Oct 2018

Please note this date is a rough estimate provided by the supplier, and it can CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

We will do our best to update this date, but please understand it is beyond our control.

Customer may choose to cancel the order if the product misses the original expected release date, but the down payment WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Product Description

Parts list:

1) 1 × TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
2) 1 × head sculpt
3) 3pair × interchangeable hands with half-fingered gloves
4) 1 × Chest guard
5) 1 × belt with bullet decoration
6) 1 × necklace
7) 1 × armlet for right arm
8) 1pair × knee armors
9) 1pair × boots with feet
10) 2 × revolvers with holsters
11) 1 × dagger with sheath
12) 1 × shotgun
13) 1 × hat
14) 1.6meters rope
15) 1 × bottom
16) 2 × trouser legs
17) 1pair × sleeves
18) 4 color packaging

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Product Reviews

  1. TBLeague Cowgirl review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2018

    Cowgirl is a great new TBLeague figure. She is loosely based on a piece of pin-up art by Tariq12 on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/tariq12/art/Cow-Girl-Redux-184537347 - that painting had a kind of post-apocalyptic flavor to it, but this figure is made to fit comfortably into a more traditional (if very sexed up) Old West niche.

    If you know anything about TBLeague (formerly Phicen), you know that their main claim to fame are their lifelike seamless silicone, steel-skeleton bodies. These are a wonder of engineering, in addition to simply being very well sculpted bodies that look great from every angle. If you are an avid 1/6 scale collector, you do yourself a disservice not to have at least one TBLeague figure in your collection. They are so unique, nothing else on the market quite compares to them.

    For people used to plastic jointed bodies, the weight and ‘squishiness’ of one of these figures might surprise you. But in hand, their flexibility and range of movement is uncanny. Sure, some extreme positions will be inhibited by the silicone, but they can do pretty much anything a real human body could do, and look great doing it. And they hold their poses well, even deep ones – the steel armature is strong and the joints tight. So, you have an enormous amount of display potential with them. Even if you prefer your figures in museum poses, setting up one of these dolls with a hint of slant in the shoulders, a saucy tilt in the hips, a bit of an aggressive angle in the torso or elbow, will immediately give the figure an eye-catching, lifelike presence among your other figures. And if you’re the kind of person that likes to pose and take dynamic pictures with your collection, there’s nothing better on the market (several of my own pictures are linked at the end of this review). There’s a reason artists have taken to using these as anatomical models.

    It’s not a new body, and after a few more muscular, smaller-bust bodies like Skarah the Valkyrie, TBLeague has returned to the built-for-comfort-not-for-speed physique that figures like Cleo, Snow Soldier, and Captain Sparta used. Still, it’s an incredible job of sculpting, and I can’t say enough good things about their artists and engineers.

    Cowgirl takes a bit of assembly – choker, arm band, gauntlets, gun and knife holsters, and kneepads all have to be attached by hand. She doesn’t come with an instruction sheet, but a glance at the pictures on the Hobby Galaxy website will show you everything you need to know. Just remember that the handles of the pistols point back towards her butt when you’re attaching them, and the single silver dot on the kneepads goes on top. Unfortunately, the belt does not come off without cutting it, so you can’t just slide the holsters onto it – you need to button them on individually.

    Her face is competently sculpted but fairly plain – they’re not trying to mimic Sharon Stone from ‘The Quick and the Dead’ or anything like that – but she’s pretty and has a suitably serious expression. It isn’t the best face TBLeague has produced, but it’s far from the worst, lacking the dead stare some 1/6 faces trend towards. She has rooted hair, which I’m a fan of, because it gives it an extra air of lifelikeness and doesn’t restrict the head’s posability. If you’re not a fan of rooted hair, it can easily be tied back in a ponytail (use the same sort of plastic twist tie you’d use for a human ponytail), leaving her cowgirl hat to cover most of it up. Several of the preview images show her that way.

    Aside from the head and body, several costume elements are sculpted, and they are done to a very high degree of quality. Her chestpiece, belt, kneepads, arm band, choker, and boots are all sculpted, and fit very well. But while they’re all great, the boots and armored bra deserve special attention. These are gorgeous boots, sculpted to look like old leather and featuring a lot of incredible detailing, both in the weathering and decorative buckles. Even her spurs spin freely on the backs of her boots (be careful, they’re sharp). They’re hard, single-piece boots, which usually limits how much the ankle can move. But these mitigate that somewhat by tapering wider towards the top, giving her a fair amount of play for deeper poses (which she holds well due to the solid construction of her steel endoskeleton).

    Her top is an armored brassiere, similar to the one in the Tariq12 artwork. It’s made to look like weathered leather as well, with armored plates and a red gemstone in the center. They didn’t go overboard on making it look distressed – implausible cuts or damage that somehow only hit it and not the miles of bare skin surrounding it – but it looks like it’s been in her wardrobe for years. Given how little there is to her costume, making bits like this shine gives the figure a breathtaking effect. It would be nice if she came with a jacket or duster of some sort, but the absence of one isn’t too big of an issue, and there are options to add something like that from third parties if you really want one.

    A little more about that costume. Her outfit, of course, is quite impractical for a true cowgirl. TBLeague’s big attraction are their seamless bodies, and all of their figures are designed to show these off. So it probably has more in common with a slutty cowgirl Halloween costume than it does a genuine Old West outfit (imagine how saddle-sore she’d get in that thing!), but it does capture the thematic vibe of the original Tariq12 artwork perfectly. She has a cinematic feel to her – larger than life. And it’s all done well, with good materials. From the fringes on her leggings to the stiff, authentic-feeling fabric of her hat, nothing feels cheap or neglected.

    Her weapons include two pistols, a shotgun, a knife, and a rope lariat. The rope doesn’t have an internal wire – it’s just string – so that limits posing options with it a bit. But if you weren’t a boy scout, rejoice; the lariat already comes with the lasso tied and ready. It doesn’t have an easy way to hook onto her belt, though, which is kind of a missed opportunity. Similarly, the rifle seems like it should have had a strap so she could have it hanging on her shoulder when you have her posed holding other weapons. But those are likely the only omissions you’ll notice. These are the right accessories for a cowgirl, and they all look great, particularly the rifle. She comes with six hands to hold them, all wearing black fingerless gloves.

    She doesn't come with a base, which is a good thing, as often the TBLeague bases add a lot of weight and cost to a figure without adding substantially to the display. However, Cowgirl is practically begging for a little more stage presence on your shelf or detolf. Fortunately, it’s easy to give her display a little more of an Old West vibe with a few props, and you can make them as simple or a complicated as you want.

    The barrel in the “Take Cover” photo below, for example, came from a Hobby Lobby for a few bucks – but perhaps the best choice is to pair her with a horse, several of which are available now from Hobby Galaxy. The one I’ve posed her with is from Asmus, but one from any manufacturer will do. I would recommend a hard plastic horse rather than a flocked one, as any loose flocking that sticks to her could be tedious to wipe off of her silicone skin (the material is difficult to dust). There are several Old West diorama pieces you might use, as well. You might preorder the Hateful 8 diorama, also available from Hobby Galaxy as a backdrop, but until it is released, even a printed picture of a saloon or of Monument Valley taped to the back of your detolf adds to her presence enormously, like she’s walking out of a John Ford film (well, if Ford made movies about extremely buxom, scantily clad women instead of John Wayne and Henry Fonda. Imagine if Maureen O'Hara had been dressed like this!).

    Some people have reported a glue residue on the chest and back of their Cowgirl figures meant to help hold the top on. There was none on mine, fortunately, but that is the only major issue I’m aware of with this figure. I don’t know how prevalent the problem is, but it clearly does not affect every example.

    All things considered, in my opinion Cowgirl is one of the best figures TBLeague has made, and they’ve put out a number of great ones. If this is your first TBLeague purchase, she’s a stellar introduction to the company. She compliments any collection of female, Western, historical, or fantasy figures perfectly. And she looks great all by herself, even if you’ve never bought another 1/6 scale figure in your life.

    Some pictures of Cowgirl in action:

    Mitten Rock Showdown: https://sta.sh/087ujf0ltvm
    Cattle Drive: https://sta.sh/0q2a5mvj1pf
    Around the Campfire: https://sta.sh/01i18tmtekmf
    Homesteader: https://sta.sh/07xvcq1q1ep
    Take Cover: https://sta.sh/01eg0c7u7d4g
    Gunslinger: https://sta.sh/01ofqpn1r7tk
    Quick Draw: https://sta.sh/01tdnum9d8su
    A Tip of the Hat: https://sta.sh/029050e6hvri

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